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Sasha Krivokapic, Sakrivo produces music that represents his spiritual search and findings. He loves music that uplifts spirit in people and seeks to establish highest ideals in peoples minds.

He has published three electronic music albums so far.

The first, "In Beauty" seeks to capture that element of mystique in our thought process and find out why we think, where the thoughts are coming from, can we change them as to have a better daily experience of life. In the second album “Life", Sakrivo resides in the inner bliss and peace that is within us, culminating in finding our True Essence. Sakrivo's third album "Together" speaks of true unity amongst all of us, inviting us to receive joy of knowing each other.

Over the years, Sakrivo started doing and enjoyed playing shows. His online shows Deep Within,  Trance Stars, Progressive Now, and Heartbeats speak of his experience in variety of electronic dance music genres. You can hear his shows on Spotify, iTunes, Hearthis and Mixcloud.

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