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Old songs jewels

Remember those old songs and moments which bring great memories? What should I do with old unpublished songs but... Enjoy them!

These are works of your love and labor. They are your babies! Who can say anything against your own music? Who cares?

Others matter only if you are trying to be popular. Your music is about you not other, and you should express yourself, your most inner being, through your music. Life is all eventually about you and your inner expression. The form can be whatever it is. If someone does not like it, so what? There will always be opposite opinions.

Your old songs speak of what you thought at the moment and you might be surprised how high you have thought of yourself. Just listen to that composition. ;)

I listened randomly to about twenty out of hundreds of old songs and loved every one of them. I marked them by stars just in case one day I have time to work on them. Five stars mean more attention. Even when they sounded out of key, needed million repairs and hi-hats, not to mention sub-base, I loved them! I even think about publishing some. The issue is, I have two albums waiting in line and I am getting close to making them perfect.

Should I focus on old songs and publish them officially? I just might after I publish new albums. New sounds matter and it is built on old songs. They are here to be enjoyed. What if you have a jewel in there in your forgotten file and you intentionally ignore it? Work on it!

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