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Producing the new album "Ascend"!

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

I have been working on this #dance album for about a year. I took my time and did not rush, after the last album "Together" I felt I needed some improvements in #musicproduction. So I

I learned a few new things and I hope the new sound will be even more upbeat than the songs of the previous album.

The changes in this album include the sounds from several different plugins including Diva, Sylent 1, Massive, SynthMaster 2 Serum, Prophet V3. I worked especially on the #subbase as I realized that a lot of my previous songs did not focus on it. There are around 30 layers in each song so far for the richness of the sound. I noticed that the songs sound way better and engaging the more sounds I can layer, while not making them compete with each other. Most of them are almost unnoticeable but still there. I used EQ8s on each one of them, avoiding too much compression. I compared the sound volume and clarity with popular #trance songs and so far they sound decent in volume, even without mastering. I added an aggressive #mastering channel on the master channel, just to see the change in general volume and quality and it sounds about the same. Of course, with master on, it adds to the volume just slightly.

I was inspired by many trance artists that I listen on Di.FM channels with the quality of their production and I worked towards a similar goal. My songs have a different sound than trance but that is where I received my inspiration from usually. I also have influences from #progressive and #chillout artists and that can probably be seen in the songs. I enjoy the epic feel about the trance sound but still tend to be of a heavier sound than most trance songs.

Sakrivo - Rise Up demo.mp3
Download ZIP • 1.04MB

I hope this new album will bring #inspiration to many! Please check out the sample above!

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