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Working with Ableton Live

I had 10 years of privileged to work with #AbletonLive #musicproductionsoftware and I really enjoy it. The program is so versatile that even now I am finding out all the little tricks that I can do with it. Maybe that is one of my favorite things about it. I am not sure about other software almost at all, but switching now to Reason or Cube or other similar software seems like a lot of work. Over the years, I became more efficient with the tools, mostly due to the user-friendly interfaces. It feels like the people that designed it are experienced music producers themselves and know the best, quickest way to get the results done. My first program was free online software Audacity in 2010. Working on Ableton Live seemed hard in the beginning as looking at all the gadgets it has was intimidating. So even after 3 months of owning Ableton, I was still working with #Audacity! Which by the way, is a really fun way to start music production. Eventually, one day, after stretching loops so effortlessly, everything seems to unfold easily after that. The next moves seem to be introducing themselves with ease. And it appeared that I could do so much and go in all kinds of directions within each step. So tempting! Now, after all these years, I find myself confused at times at what possibly I can do with one sound to make it more fitting within a song, with all the options I have, so I tend to stick to certain techniques, slowly developing possibly additional steps to enhance the sound. I did not mean for this post to be technical but more informative about the general nature of Ableton Live. And I am not paid by Ableton Live to do this, but after a decade, I think they deserve a mention. Respect!

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